Doelltech Sitelog

Hi there! Birth was on November 14th, 2005. Well, there's better things than that here, such as the pizza... comic drawn by the Ydnar himself! *Note: edited and removed for graphic language and inappropriate ideas expressed by the Ydnar* Or... the Ydnar comics.

After a few, small teething difficulties, I am happy to say we are now XHTML compliant and use PHP! Yay! I will be putting all sorts of pictures up and other things once I get the scanner working.

Might as well mention this, but I have the scanner producing images, not wonderful in their normal-ness, but they work. Using it to put up the Ydnar comics, and possibly Peter's High Comedy strips (he's probably going to use his scanner, come to think of it). Making the nav bar better, adding contact page. Not much else right now. Working on getting more content up.

Happy New Year!.. Yeah... Sort of belated, but good anyway. All my timestamps are now stuff/stuff/2006. Nifty, huh? Been prototyping a 'My Doelltech' section. Hoping to come up with a more catchy name, though... Fed up with total lack of comics? Well... I'm sorry. I've been trying, but I've been busy. And, unfortunately it's not going to get any better, as the FIRST 2006 competition kickoff was today. That means 6 weeks of insanely hard work then competitions. Man, those competitions are good. What this means to you infrequent visitors is that, even though I'm getting all sorts of comic fodder I won't be able to put it here for a while... All right. I got an idea. Why don't you e-mail me [go to forum, e-mail removed] with your opinion: 'Quality versus Quantity'. Recently I've been re-writing them on the special black - box paper and fixing typos, making legible [moreso, anyway] and generally improving on the rough sketches that I come up with in [hideously long] meetings. Or, I could put up the comics first just to get the joke out. Oh, by the way, I'll just keep doing it the way I have been - waiting until I get enough time and then tidying up. I hope all you infrequents had a good holiday and had all the good things that you wanted to happen happen. Added another C tutorial, not in order [unfortunately]. I've been adding new links and tweaking the site in small ways. Trying to use PHP and JavaScript to make this really cool [ha ha, good luck, I know]. Began working on an app for a friend. Going to add more functionality as I learn more [to app, sorry if seem a bit discursive]. If you want a website, or like the way this one works, please contact me and I'll see if I can help you. If I can't, I will most likely be able to find someone who can. Well, yeah. I think that's about it for now. Updates as the 6 week build period ends [or before that, if something really cool happens]. So... Happy New Year, Happy V-day if I don't post before that and... keep up with the FIRST competitions!

Mr. Graves! Here is the zip file containing at least 3 out of our 4 powerpoints (when I put this up the last one was missing... it's done but I'm assuming e-mail difficulty). Here is the link. I hope this is easier for you, as it is accessible anywhere. I could burn it to a disk, if you wanted me too, but at the time I couldn't do it.

Alriiiight! I got a forum up & runnin', hoping to get some content up there soon, mostly technical stuff now. Happy to say my knowledge of PHP and MySQL is increasing, as is *unfortunately* the complexity of my site. Robotics season heavily under way now, it's goin' good. I've been coming up with some equations to model what we want the input/output to do, all very cool stuff [to me, anyway, heh]. Things coming together just like they're supposed to, [a good thing]. Oh, yeah: please excuse the total lack of Ydnar comics; I've been kinda busy between 'work' and robotics. Even though I'll swear by HTML Goodies, I am going to put up some tutorials that are more specific to the kind of work that I need done for FIRST [so those inexperienced will be able to help out]. Yup. Tha's all for now. Will try to keep this updated.

Heh, heh. "I will try to keep this updated" That's a good one. Don't get too much better than that. Oh, well. Welcome to Easter '06, at least for now. Detected some glaring grammatical errors on the comics page, have a renewed interest in comic-ing, helped along by a friend. Have a new one, going to run it past my elite crew of editors, see if it flies [please excuse the huge amount of sarcasm in that last sentence]. Any case, I KNOW THAT THE FREAKING FORUM ISN'T WORKING. I KNOW I KNOW. Not sure exactly what happened, but I was playing around one day and -CRASH-. And my MySQL tool isn't working... Thinking of using the Windows® method of fixing broken software. Hm... Robotics year has been fun, going to Atlanta soon [i.e., week after tomorrow's week]. Eh... for more detailed stuff check the non-site blog. I guess. Happy Easter... or at least Happy Spring Break!

Hey hey hey! Almost Cinco de Mayo (or however you say it). Having great fun with life, and have taken a renewed, if possibly passing interest, in working on my site. I've been working on getting a full-functioned blog going, not just this overall status thing that I keep up here. Still trying to reset my MySQL. And no, do not need any help with that. Like to thank all the members of the robotics team for making this a great season, with a few in particular *smiles*. So, yeah... Trying to make this better... when I get some serious free time I'll be making more comics; only have time to work on just typing -- takes less time. So. Yeah. Woo hoo! Happy 2006!

Well... For some reason MySQL & my tool decided to work again... life's been going well... I've got a bunch of projects running for the site, so just know that there might not be too many posts. Also, more current updates than here can be found in ye olde blog, which is now nearly fully - functional [to the way I want it], and has gone through most [if not all] of the teething difficulties that I'd expect. Coming [hopefully] is a CMS for the site, hand - designed. That is if nothing MySQL or PHP wise desides to be squirrely. Which it has been... some code I've been writing hasn't been working and I don't know why. Oh, well. Later!

Welcome to the summer of 2006! Yeah... It's going well so far. And, yes. I have more time to work on the site. Almost exclusively, as it turns out. I have had no less than 3 projects going at a time in the past 2 (?) weeks. A couple are near completion, a few are done. If you want to check out my finished projects, check out the new projects dir. Also, my student, 13371-1, has taken up the web designer's craft. Her 'site', aka the TestingGrounds dir, has even got its own index file! Woo hoo! Kinda reminds me of my old days coding off of Rajeev's site. Good times. So, yeah. Anyway, look foreward to new projects and stuff! Enjoy your summer!

Happy New Year & such! I've converted my site over to Dreamhosters... Will add a fuller update in the blog section!