Lovesick Engineer

Not quite like a rock. Perhaps a cube. It's not the most aerodynamic, but given enough time it'll get a pretty good speed. Definitely not a tetrahedron. That's too pointy. And a dodecahedron is too round. A cube works. I fell for you like a cube. It wasn't all that fast at first, but after a while, it got pretty fast. I'm still falling for you.

Okay... what other analogies are there? Falling in love. You make me feel... Butterflies... We can work with that...

Your presence increases the rate at which I experience entropy. The butterflies you make me feel increased chaos within me. Sadly, if I did the same for you, we could have a spontaneous reaction high increase in entropy heh heh heh. If only we could have a spontaneous reaction. The question is ... right now what is our reaction coordinate?

I dedicate the largest amount of memory I have for integers for you I long for you.

It's hard being a mathematician and a scientist and a programmer and an engineer and being in love.

When you're nearby, I undergo a Laplace transformation and instantly all my functions become 'nicer.'

You make me think of vicegrips I have a crush on you. I hope it holds.

Thinking of you makes me use mind energy you make me sigh.

What can I put between in my test condition to make you stay with me for or while? We could come up with some very entertaining algorithms, you and I. We could even iterate! Do it a couple of times. If you would consider it, I'd even go for just a boolean true in the test so we can keep going together until the program ends.

Of course, you probably will never hear me soliloquize thus, wax eloquent with the terminology of my trade, applying the verbiage of the least romantic to try to pluck your heart-strings. I can just think what I would ever say to you if I had the courage. Instead, I must resign myself to simply going on, doing my work, turning a caring ear to your words when you allow me to bask in your presence, and hoping, one day, that you will realize what I feel.

Until then, I can dream, I can hope, and I can use parallel structure. And come up with nerdy love analogies.