Moons bright
Thoughts light
Warm winds
Stars' night

Lone shape
Mouth gapes
Soft walk
Lids drape

Sleepy eyes slowly wake
Energy flowing fast
A heart to hold to love to take
All before flowing past
Two figures stand upon a field of autumn

Glance cast
Won't last
Mustn't stay
Worlds vast

Rushing close
Feeling hope
Any cares
Gone are most

Hands meet unsurely grasping
Future stops and all is now
Starving loves no longer fasting
No consideration, no how
Two figures join upon a field of autumn

Look left
Look right
Now cleft

Two minds
One pines
Other sees
Both find

Hands and minds and hearts believing
Suddenly there is a third
A heart a mind and hands not leaving
Words are spoken, known and heard
Equals meet upon a field of autumn

Face alight
No fright
Warm sight

Looks back
What's done
Naught lacks

Hands reach out, a dance begins
What's done was done and can't be changed
Joys in all, true hardship thins
For good or bad, hope not estranged
Three figures moved as one from fields of autumn