I sat across the table form a young man. Truth be told, he was physically older than I, but I'll get to that. We were sitting in one of our town's fine eateries, just a block down from the high school which we both attend. Our orders had been placed and w had been waiting for a while. Th table at which we sat was small, green – topped and square, the kind that you'd find at a small pizza shop with a “dining room” for eat-in customers. I had been the one who'd requested his presence. He was about my height and build, but with wavy blond hair and blue eyes. He wasn't thin or short, having a solid set of shoulders and an “almost six feet.” He looked at me inquisitively and I said: “Tell me of your adventures.”

There are many who don't believe in reincarnation, and I'm not sure I do either. However, there is something that I think can be taken away from the concept. When I was younger I was told, ironically enough, that I have an “old soul.” I'm not so sure I'm convinced of the validity of the claim, but it seems to have meaning. But to the point.

I was looking over some of the work that an acquaintance – not sure if he considers me a friend – has published online. Some of his trials and tribulations were hinted at or bluntly stated for the world to see. I'm not quite sure how to respond to the more troubling passages. I thought that it might be good to just do something with him, design and implement a little “adventure” of my own, if nothing more than a trip out to lunch.

Before, I mentioned that I'm not quite sure what label to give him: acquaintance or friend. True, I've spent time with him at school in classes, but never more. Well, never isn't exactly true. I did go to lunch with him once after exams were taken, but that was with a group of friends, or acquaintances should I say?

From the conversations we've had, I have no doubt that he's got a brain in that head of his. However, he uses it in a fashion I'd never expect. When we talk, a sense of humor emerges that I find quite entertaining, if shocking or crude at times. We find things to talk about, and he humors me when I talk about ideas and concepts that others would dismiss. I value that trait he shares with me. From his writings...

I'm not sure if eloquent is the right word. Fascinating, definitely. The few times that I've done some “research” - reading what's there – I've been surprised. The depth of emotion and breadth of ideas is highly interesting to a conventional old soul such as I. The layers, the adventures, the teenage antics that I myself have never had the sense – or the lack thereof? - to do. Very little solid is said about those events in his writings, but so much more is hinted at. So, I am trying something new. I am trying to learn about a fresher, less reserved side of humanity that I personally found impossible to experience.

“Tell me of your adventures,” oh young-souled one, I add.