His Tenth Labor

Eurystheus ordered Hercules to bring back the cattle of Geryon. This was no mean feat, as Geryon was a creature with three bodies joined into one. Hercules was not afraid and he went to the part of Africa near Europe. Along the way Hercules erected the Columns of Hercules. While he was doing this, Hercules became very warm from the sun and this angered Hercules extremely. Hercules then shot the sun with his arrows. The sun, admiring Hercules' audacity, gave him a ship of gold. Hercules accepted and sailed to the island where Geryon was. He asked Geryon to give him the cattle, Geryon refused, and Hercules killed him. When Hercules got to Spain, he unloaded the cattle onto the land, and on his way back the Ligures tribe harassed him. Eventually, Jupiter rained stones down on them and killed many. After the Ligures were no longer a major threat, Hercules drove the cattle accross the Alps, finally reaching Italy.

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