His Ninth Labor

Eurystheus' daughter, Admete, had heard about the girdle of Hyppolyte of the Amazons, a tribe of war-like women, and desired the girdle greatly. Admete requested that her father send Hercules to retrieve it for her. Eurystheus orders Hercules to perform this task for his daughter. Hercules then assembled a force of the most brave and courageous men. Hercules took his companions to the borders of the Amazon land and sent a messanger to Hyppolyte explaining his reason for coming. Hyppolyte wanted to give Hercules the girdle, as she had heard of his fame, but the Amazons didn't want her to her to give it up. After hearing this, Hercules drew up the line of battle the next day. Between the two armies lay a swamp, and neither army wanted to cross it. At last Hercules signaled and the battle began. The Amazons attacked with reckless abandon and Hercules' men, not prepared for this, were frightened and many fled. Hercules, seeing this, appealed to the bravery the men once had, and rallied them. Eventually the women turned and fled. Among those remaining was Hyppolyte. Hercules liberated the women and brought the girdle back to Eurystheus.

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