Death and Deification

Hercules did many things after he completed the 12 labors, however most important is his death and his marriage to Deianira. Hercules and Deianira were trying to find a way to cross a river when a centaur named Nessus came and offered to help. While Hercules swam across, Deianira rode on Nessus' back. Suddenly Nessus tried to run off with Deianira, but Hercules shot Nessus with an arrow. As Nessus was dying he told Deianira to put some of his blood in a container and use it if she ever thought Hercules was being unfaithful. Well at one point Hercules had a women with him while on his journey and Deianira thought that Hercules was cheating on her. So Deianira soaked a robe in Nessus' blood and sent it to Hercules. When Hercules put on the robe it caused him intense pain and he was not able to remove the robe. The pain was so great that he ordered his men to burn him on a pyre; this is how Hercules was finally killed. After his death, he was deified, having been forgiven by Juno.

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