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The Comics!

Greetings! Here I will have the Ydnar comics and any other random ones that either I or others come up with. Currently, the ones that I have up are messed, but they are still legible. Until I get the scanner situation worked out, we will have to make do with what we have. I really wanted to get something up here, and here it is.

Random Comics/Drawings

Some stuff that I did when I was supposed to be doing Ydnar, or learning how do do Ydnar, or just because I could. Enjoy!

Ydnar Comics

Ydnar 1.5

Today's Comic: The what Adventures of Who?

Here's a teaser of the possible style and character type that you're going to see in Ydnar (or whoever it ends up being) 2.0. I'll update a bit more on the blog when I get a chance. When I first put this up, it was kinda (really!) late, so I'll have to update that later. I hope you enjoy.

Ydnar 2.0 teaser


JAGC, or "Just Another Generic Comic," as both its creator and its characters like to call it.

High Comedy


The Movies section is temporarily being suspended until we get some good movies and/or movie players working. If you want the files, e-mail me or use the contact page & provide a REAL (Ydnar :() e-mail address.