I think that I've found another use for this main page. Although no-one reads it, I think that I will use it to make mention of shortage and testing information. I will put it up in red. So, when there is going to be a possible (or sure) site outage, I will put the information in red like this.

I think I've finally found a use for this main index page. I think that it will contain some general stuff about the 'mighty enterprise' of Doelltech 'Industries'. Basically, I want to have something say how to pronounce the name. It's pronounced DELL-tek. Not DOLEtek. Or DOWELLtek. Or DOOLIEtek for that matter. Just say it correctly in person, ok? DELLtek. Doelltech is pronounced Delltek. Not like the bananas, but like the computer company. Thanks.

Alright. The site has been officially moved back to its true address and the upgrade has been completed. Or pretty close to completed, anyway. The new Ydnar comics are up, with the fond courtesy of one of our sponsor's generous loans. I would like to thank that sponsor for their help, they know who they are.

Hey! I'm taking a computer graphics course and have recently started working on a project for website design. Hopefully, this thing will start looking better. I realize it doesn't size well. I'll grab a copy at a higher resolution. Anyway, I've come up with a new logo based on the old one. Check it out:

New Logo